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Offering Keynotes and workshops

Recent presentations have been on:

  • Following your dreams
  • Prioritizing and Normalizing¬† mental health
  • Being a good friend and attracting good friends
  • Setting boundaries
  • Drug Abuse Prevention
  • Gratitude
  • Empathy
  • Leadership
  • Manifestation

Thanks for being here.

I am always beyond honored when I get asked to speak to groups. My passion for public speaking started at a very young age. I began speaking to crowds in High School running many rallies, events, and meetings as the Student Body President. After High School I went on to study Business Communications, and Entertainment Management, with coursework in Public Speaking.

Since graduation I have been brought back to both my high school and college to speak to young students. I often address grades 6-12 in subjects such as Mindset, Mental Health, Kindness, Compassion, Leadership, and much more.

Since the launch of the Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay podcast, I have been asked to speak with students, teachers, and parents throughout California.

Pulling from life experiences and hardships I seek to connect with others and inspire self growth, kindness, being there for people in our lives, breaking down societal barriers, and normalizing mental health.

Stay tuned for information regarding my upcoming book, and reach out if you would like to discuss having me speak at any of your future events!