Host, & speaker passionate about normalizing the human condition.

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there.

I specialize in workshops and speaking engagements for youth tailored to mental health, gratitude, being a good friend, and following your dreams. I strive to break down stigmas, normalize the human condition, and remind people that they are not alone.

You can also catch me hosting the Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay podcast on Apple Music and Spotify. Listen as we break down societal barriers and get real.

I am the creator of “#Notes2Pass,” a passion project that started with hiding hand-painted and written inspirational notes for strangers to brighten their day. Notes2Pass has now turned into a handmade, high-end greeting card company continuing the mission to spread love to strangers while encouraging people to write more hand-written cards!

Welcome to my site. Let’s be friends.

Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay

Check out our first season of Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay on Apple and Spotify! 

Feeling Lonely?

Collectively, we have been tested lately and many people are feeling more lonely than ever. With the help of some friends from all over the world, I put together a video for anyone who may be feeling lonely.

If you are needing extra support, click the link below for a letter from me to you.

Looking for a Speaker?

Recent presentations have been on:

  • Following your dreams
  • Prioritizing and normalizing mental health
  • Being a good friend and attracting good friends
  • Setting boundaries
  • Drug Abuse Prevention
  • Gratitude
  • Empathy
  • Leadership
  • Manifestation