Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay Podcast hosted by yours truly

This podcast at its core is all about normalizing tough conversations, being there for our friends, and owning our mental health. Our guests come from all walks of life; musicians, YouTubers, actors, influencers, business professionals, mental-health professionals, and every-day people. We want our listeners to feel like a fly on the wall during a real and raw conversation between friends — both new and old. These conversations are lighthearted and surprisingly deep while breaking down societal barriers and getting real. Now more than ever, with the vast majority of human interaction happening at a distance, we want to know how people are doing…really.

Season 1 Trailer

Make sure your friends are okay PRESENTS: The MSYFAO Podcast! Come along as we invite you to be a fly on the wall for conversations that matter. Host Laice O’Malley cuts through the small talk to chat with guests about their lives, our common struggles and how they are *really* doing.

Season 1 Guests

Episode 101: Mario Selman

Musician, Actor, Influencer

Themes Discussed: Coming out to his friends, family, and fans, being thrust into LA at a young age, finding himself, and lots of other really great stuff.

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Episode 102: Tyler Posey

Actor, Musician

Themes Discussed: Sobriety, breaking stigmas, therapy, and our mutual experiences with loss.

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Episode 103: Kevin Langue

Social Media Influencer

Themes Discussed: His experience as a black man and immigrant living in America, and giving it “one more”.

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Episode 104: Zach Clayton

Internet Celebrity, Influencer

Themes Discussed: His sobriety journey, navigating anxiety, whether or not aliens are real, and all sorts of other heartfelt and goofy stuff.

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Episode 105: Alexander23


Themes Discussed: Healing through creativity, the importance of emotions, and not taking on the weight of the world. 

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Episode 106: Lauren Sanderson

Musician/Singer, Public Speaker

Themes Discussed: Parental attachment styles, the spectrum of human emotions, and what we think is missing from the public education system. 

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Episode 107: Tarayummy

Social Media Influencer

Themes Discussed: Her rise to fame, the difference between bullying and cyber-bullying, her love for Harry styles, and what is next! 

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Episode 108: Dr. Buzz

Mental Health Specialist

Themes Discussed: Now, this episode is different from our usual episodes. The purpose of this conversation is to give you all some free, tangible tools to improve your overall well being! Dr. Buzz is full of great advice!!

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Episode 109: Charlie Greene of Betcha

Musician/Lead Singer

Themes Discussed: His life-long passion for music, being born with an ear disability, his most awkward karaoke moment, and how important it is to encourage the dreamers in your life. 

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Episode 110: Abby Rao

Social Media Influencer

Themes Discussed: The facade of social media, growing up in a broken family, what is really important in life, and… a little sneak peak of what is next for her.

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Episode 109: Meg Donnelly

Actress, Musician

Themes Discussed: Her early diagnosis with anxiety and panic attacks, how she manages her own mental health, the blessings that have come with her Disney career, and what she wishes more people knew about her. 

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BONUS EPISODE: AN Open Letter to a Friend

Mix the events of 2020 with the holidays, and there are many people who are feeling lonlier than ever. This is a letter straight from my heart to yours. 7 minutes of pure love to help you gt through whatever you may be going through. 

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Season 2 Coming Early 2021…

The MSYFAO Podcast was introduced during a time where more people than ever were left with feelings of isolation and uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite there being countless podcasts and resources regarding mental health, The MSYFAO Podcast is unique in that it targets an audience that values the idea of destigmatizing and normalizing conversation about our mental health. Targeting the Millennial and Gen-Z demographic, our podcast taps into a market that is largely underserved in the mental health podcasting space. Together, we have the opportunity to change lives and the world we live in for the better. We are currently preppin our second season and are set to release early 2021.