Writing & Producing

Yah’ girl does more then just act

Writing & Producing

I have an undying passion for story telling and am currently working on a number of projects in various stages of development. Tv Scripts. Film Scripts, books, and optioning I.P.

You can watch my short film “RESPIRE” below. Stay tuned for more info and updates on my writing and producing endevors by following me on social media.

Interested in collaborating? Always down to collab with like minded individuals. Feel free to reach out!


Respire is a short coming of age drama that follows three characters through an intriguing night with catastrophic consequences.

Directed by Amy Williams
Produced by Laice O’Malley, Dina Grinberg & Amy Williams
Written by Laice O’Malley & Dina Grinberg

Starring Laice O’Malley, Jake Robbins & Bridget Albaugh

Warning: MATURE CONTENT. Includes nudity, drugs, rape, and alcohol.