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I am filmmaker, writer, host, performer, and total weirdo who is passionate about mindset and mental health.

I strive for collaboration and creation of art that inspires, moves, and enacts for change. My favorite roles are onse in which I completely immerse myself into a life much different than my own.

Outside of acting- using my own personal life experiences and hardships to connect with others, I strive to break down stigmas, normalize the human condition, and remind people that they are not alone.

In an effort to integrate those values more deeply into my life I have created a podcast! You can catch me hosting the Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay podcast on Apple Music and Spotify. Listen as we break down societal barriers and get real. These times are isolating enough, and this is the content our society needs!

I am also the creator of “#Notes2Pass,” a passion project where I hide hand painted and written inspirational notes for strangers to brighten their day. I encourage those who find them to re-hide the notes for others to discover.

Welcome to my site. Let’s be friends.

Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay Podcast

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What started out as simple reminders to myself has turned into a passion for spreading love to strangers. Learn more about my Notes 2 Pass movement here!

Interested in collaborating?

Yo, yo, yo fellow artists! I am all about that life. Want to work together? Feel free to reach out and we can chit chat!